Our Mission

At Davis Periodontics we believe that each patient is a unique individual with his or her own distinct needs. Our practice is dedicated to addressing these needs with the highest standard of care and with the highest level of integrity. Dr. Davis has over 28 years of experience in the fields of dental implants, periodontics and cosmetic gingival procedures. These disciplines of dentistry are highly specialized and require passion, ongoing education and evidence based techniques. In close cooperation with your personal dentist we are committed to caring for our patients in a manner befitting a periodontal practice of the 21st century.


Learn more about periodontics from the American Academy of Periodontology by downloading these brochures.

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Periodontal Health Throughout a Woman’s Life
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Diabetes and Periodontal Disease: A Two-Way Relationship
Choose Tried-and-True Methods to Treat Gum Disease
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Working Together for Healthy Gums and a Healthy Heart
Inflammation and Periodontal Disease
Your Gums and Your Smile
Need a Dental Implant? Fear Not!

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